FRIMA Funéraire is a French manufacturer of funeral compartments since 20 years. Our society is referenced by the main funeral coachbuilders in France.

We offer a wide range of body compartment for use with or without coffin, for one or two bodies.

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Our funeral compartment is used for the transport of body before and/or after they are placed into a coffin.

This funeral compartment allows Funeral Directors to transport a body to his home, to a hospital, a funeral room …

This equipment can be used by hospital to transport the deceased from a service to the mortuary service.

Our funeral compartments are manufactured according to the French legislation and are made with the most suitable materials for professional (stainless steel, polyester) to be washed and disinfected frequently.

They are equipped with a safety device for actuating the opening of the interior system.

The refrigeration unit can be use with 12 and 220 V (battery of vehicle), allows keeps the body temperature at a temperature between 0°C and 7°C.

The main French coachbuilders of the funeral industry trust us and equip their vehicle with our funeral compartment.