The company FRIMA Concept, a French industrial refrigeration equipment designer and manufacturer, created the department “FRIMA Funéraire”, specialized in funeral equipment. The company’s strength is based on its 40 employees and their various positions: engineering, sheet metal, certified refrigeration engineers, assemblers, installers...

The company's policy is based on customer satisfaction through the quality of its equipment and services.

FRIMA Concept has undertaken a continuous improvement program that allowed him to manage its growth and expand its business.

Design office:

3D numerical modelling of our equipment with the software called SolidWorks, the realization of detail drawings and the realization of programs for our numerically controlled punching machine.

Our strength : the “tailor made » to meet the needs of our customers..

Bureau d"études

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Sheet Metal Department :
… is equipped with the following machines:2 shears, 
2 numerically controlled punching machines,
2 numerically controlled folding machines,
1 TIG (stainless steel welding device)

This equipment is the essential tool for integrating all of our in-house manufacturing.
All rates are made by us, in stainless steel or in galvanized steel.
Only the paint on steel crates is outsourced to a subcontractor.

Our assembly workshop :

Assembly workshop with process islands is possible thanks to the adaptability of our staff. This kind of organization allows us to made our equipment with small/medium volume production Each manufactured unit is tested before shipping. All our equipment is manufactured with polyurethane foam without CFCs, HFCs. The most widely used refrigerants are R134A or R404A.

Our entire specialist refrigeration engineer have passed, the certificate of capability to operators handling refrigerants that will ensure the quality of work and the respect for the environment.
 Atelier 1

 Our after-sales service

For questions about the operation of your equipment or for his maintenance. 
As a manufacturer, we ensure continued maintenance directly or via our network of refrigeration technician. 
We have, in stock, all the tools and parts for a quick intervention.
All devices are controlled (warming-up, operation cycle, gas leaks ...) thanks to our measuring equipment in FRIMA. 
We can also install our products, as transport containers in vehicles.