FRIMA Funéraire has chosen panel stucture adapted to the utilisation of hospitals, funeral directors, nursing homes...

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Panels comprise of two steel skins are injected with a high pressure polyurethane foam, thus creating an insulated sandwich panel.

Isolation (panel thickness / value-K):

ISO 6 = 6 cm / 0.35 W/m2K

ISO 8 = 8 cm / 0.27 W/m2K

ISO 10 = 10 cm / 0.22 W/m2K


ISO 6 = 6 cm for positive temperature (0°C/+5°C)

ISO 8 = 8 cm for negative and positive temperature (-10°C/+5°C)

ISO 10 = 10 cm for negative temperature (-15°C/-25°C)

Fire resistance class : « M1 » according to the French legislation

Finishes : white galvanized sheet steel, standard stainless steel finish, brushed stainless steel finish 

Doors : outside handle lock with a punch type internal unlocking device.

Corners : the corner pieces are extruded PVC profiles, colour white, injected with rigid polyurethane foam and every 300 mm notched for the panel closures.