Quality system based on ISO9001 version 2000

The ISO 9001 standard defines a series of requirements concerning the implementation of a quality management system in an organization, whatever its size and sector of activity. This standard helps to ensure that customers get consistent and good quality products and services.

The requirements relate to four main areas:

  1. Management responsibility: requirements for actions on the part of management as the first and permanent player in the process.
  2. Quality system: administrative requirements allowing the safeguarding of acquired knowledge. Requirement to take into account the concept of system.
  3. Processes: requirements relating to the identification and management of processes contributing to the satisfaction of interested parties.
  4. Continuous improvement: requirements to measure and record performance at all useful levels as well as to engage in effective improvement actions.

Refrigerant capacity certificates issued by BUREAU VERITAS

Since July 5, 2011, all personnel handling refrigerants must hold a certification called "certificate of capacity".

The refrigerant capacity certificate was implemented in order to check the ability of operators to handle refrigerant fluids and to carry out various operations relating to the maintenance and repair of refrigeration equipment. These operations include, among other things, commissioning, leak testing, dismantling, recovery and charging of refrigerants, but also all types of operations for handling these fluids.

The refrigerant capacity certificate is issued to qualified personnel with tools adapted to work on refrigeration equipment.