The FRIMA Concept company specializes in the manufacture of specific refrigeration equipment in various fields such as funerals, food processing, solar refrigeration, equipment for communities and refrigerated drinks.

Manufacturer and refrigeration engineer since 1995 in Givors (69), we ensure the design, production, marketing, installation and after-sales service of our equipment.

Our complete control of the product, from receipt of the order to delivery, ensures that the deadlines to which we are committed are respected, and allows you to benefit from the best technology at a very competitive price. A network of more than 200 qualified refrigeration specialists allows us to be present and responsive throughout France.

The strength of the "FRIMA Funéraire" pole of FRIMA Concept relies on its 40 employees and the various trades: design office, sheet metal work, certified refrigeration technicians, assemblers, installers ...

The company's policy is based on customer satisfaction through the quality of its equipment and services.

FRIMA Concept has undertaken a continuous improvement program which has enabled it to manage its growth and develop its activity. Thus, the sheet metal and assembly workshop were reorganized into islands, resulting in the versatility of staff, mastery of deadlines and improved responsiveness.

Our quality department works in close collaboration with our design and method office in order to optimize the industrialization processes and ensure follow-up at each key stage of manufacturing.

The design office

Modeling of the equipment in 3D under solidworks, realization of detailed plans and programs intended for numerical control punching machines.

Our strength : tailor-made to meet the precise needs of customers.

Sheet metal

The essential tool to integrate all our products internally. It mainly includes:

  • 2 shears
  • 1 CNC punching machine
  • 2 digitally controlled folding machines
  • 2 spot welding stations
  • 1 TIG welding station

All the boxes (equipment envelopes) are built by us either in stainless steel or in electro-galvanized steel. Only the painting on the steel boxes is entrusted to a subcontractor

Our assembly workshop

Assembly workshop organized in islands thanks to the versatility of our staff.

This organization allows us to manufacture our equipment in small and medium series.

Each device manufactured is inspected before shipment

All our equipment is made with polyurethane foam without CFCs or HFCs. The most commonly used refrigerants are R134A or R404A.

All refrigeration engineers have successfully passed the refrigerant handling capacity certificates guaranteeing the quality of work and respect for the environment.

Sales team and installers

The sales team is attentive to the customer in order to offer him the equipment corresponding to his needs and to the legislation in force. She thus advises the client, but also the architects and craftsmen until the delivery and installation of the equipment.

Our teams of installers work throughout France to install your future post-mortem equipment. They hold certificates of refrigerant handling capacity in accordance with regulatory obligations

Our after sales service

For any question concerning the operation of your device or for its maintenance, our after-sales service is committed to answering your request as accurately as possible.

As a manufacturer, we can ensure the maintenance of our equipment either directly or through our network of refrigeration engineers with whom we work regularly.

We benefit from all the tools and spare parts allowing a rapid intervention.

All the devices are checked (temperature setting, cycle operation, possible gas leak, etc.) using the measuring equipment fitted to our workshops. We can also install certain materials such as the installation of transport boxes in vehicles.