FRIMA Funéraire offers a wide range of cold rooms for the conservation of bodies.

In accordance with the legislation, the funeral cold room (or morgue), intended for funeral directors, must have at least as many refrigerated boxes (0 ° C / + 5 ° C) as presentation rooms. For medico-legal reasons some boxes can be set to negative cooling (at least -10 ° C).

The mortuary cold room intended for public or private health establishments must have at least two boxes when the establishment records an average annual number of deaths of at least 200 over the past three years. Beyond that, the body conservation unit will be equipped with 2 boxes for every two hundred annual deaths.

In order to meet the different needs of funeral directors and health establishments in France or abroad, FRIMA Funéraire will offer you materials for your refrigerating cell (insulating panels, refrigeration units, stainless steel structure and stretchers) adapted to your needs and your conditions. installation.

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