FRIMA Funéraire offers a wide range of cold rooms for the conservation of bodies before they are put into the coffin, and we can also offer refrigerated cells for coffins.

In accordance with the legislation, the funeral cold room (or morgue), intended for funeral directors, must have at least as many refrigerated boxes (0 ° C / + 5 ° C) as presentation rooms.

For medico-legal reasons, some huts may be set to negative cold (at least -10 ° C), in particular for the conservation of bodies on requisition.

The mortuary cold room intended for public or private health establishments must have at least two boxes when the establishment records an average annual number of deaths of at least 200 over the past three years.

Beyond that, the body conservation unit will be equipped with 2 boxes for every two hundred annual deaths.

In order to meet the different needs of funeral directors and health establishments in France or abroad, FRIMA Funéraire will offer you materials for your refrigeration cell (insulating panels, refrigeration units, stainless steel structure and stretchers) adapted to your needs and your conditions. installation.


FRIMA Concept offers refrigerated mortuary cells from 1 body, equipped with stretchers or “trays”.

Our cold rooms are made up of “sandwich” insulating panels with a thickness ranging from 60mm for positive refrigeration to 140mm for freezing bodies.

All our cold rooms are classified M1.


Frima Funéraire offers refrigeration unit solutions in positive and negative cold, and some can be positive and negative -10 ° C.

Depending on each location, configuration, our teams study your project in order to offer you the best solution adapted to your needs.

Three types of refrigeration unit will be offered to you.

Lateral monobloc unit: This monobloc refrigeration unit can be used to supply a positive or negative cold room independently. This cooling unit and evaporator in one piece is mounted overlapping on one of the panels on the right, left or end side. This version is the most economical.

Monobloc ceiling unit: manufacture identical to the side monobloc, however the latter is placed above the cell. It saves a little space compared to the side group, however a fairly high ceiling height is essential. (2.90 m and 3.20), for some cells.

Remote remote unit: This solution brings a quality of work where the conservation cell is placed, it avoids the thermal and sound inconvenience of a monobloc unit


FRIMA Concept, offers a wide range of stretchers adapted to your activity. We have the in-house capacity and resources to manufacture any specific stretchers if needed.

as standard, we offer 2 types of trays, stretchers with bungs for washing the deceased and slightly curved flat trays to facilitate the transfer of bodies. Our trays are finally available in several widths: 60cm, 70cm, and 75cm.


Since 1995, our refrigerated tables have been manufactured in accordance with the legislation and are made with materials suitable for use.

professional (all stainless steel AINSI 304L 18/10), to be cleaned and disinfected frequently.

To meet the different needs of funeral directors, hospitals and EPHADs in France and abroad, we offer models of different widths (60, 70 and 80 cm).


For extreme situations, FRIMA Concept offers so-called “disaster” solutions or emergency cells. In an emergency time our intervention teams are able to intervene and install cold storage rooms, or refrigerated containers in order to be able to keep bodies in large capacity.

For all renovation projects of conservation rooms, mortuary, technical rooms, preparation room, we can offer you temporary solutions.


Our mobile storage racks for stretchers or coffins allow a large number of bodies to be stored in a positive or negative cold room as needed.

In the event of a “covid-type” crisis, the racks for coffins allow the storage of a large number awaiting cremation or burial without taking up space on the ground, with its vertical storage.