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FRIMA Funéraire is the brand of the funeral department of FRIMA Concept, a French company which is manufacturer and designer of funeral equipement for funerary or mortuary chamber.

We offer an individual study for all construction or renovation project from the project to the installation and after sales service of our customer.

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Since 1995, the company FRIMA Concept, a French industrial refrigeration equipment designer and manufacturer, created the department “FRIMA Funéraire”, specialized in funeral equipment. We are in contact with architects and craftsmen for the proper installation of the equipment in the mortuary chamber.

FRIMA Funéraire offers a wide range of cold rooms for the preservation of bodies.
According to the French legislation, the cold room must have at least as many boxes chilled (0°C / +5°C ) and presentation rooms. For forensic reasons boxes will be set in negative cold (at least -10 ° C).

FRIMA Funéraire will offer you all compulsory equipment to comply with the legislation: body washing units or preparation
table, floor drain with waste collection basket, air filtration cell with activated carbon filter to renew the air volume of the room...

For presentation rooms, FRIMA Funéraire has developed and marketed a whole range of stainless steel presentation tables,
refrigerated or not, of different width to suit all morphologies. In addition, we offer trolleys to answer the request for
presentation in coffin.