FRIMA Funéraire can assist you throughout your company creation or in the choice of your equipment in the event of renewal. Our experience in the funeral market, our know-how but also our network, allow us to always be in accordance with the French legislation in force.

… The funeral chambers

When to check?

Periodic control: every 6 years and when the authorization is renewed.

Special cases :

  • Commissioning
  • In case of works or extension
  • On Prefectural request.


Art. 3. - The funeral chamber must have refrigeration equipment allowing the body to be displayed and capable of being used in each presentation room.

You can refer to our refrigerated tables of 60, 70 or 80 cm with or without retractable legs. References: “TABL”:

Art. 4. - The technical part has at least as many refrigerated boxes as there are presentation rooms. Each refrigerated box makes it possible to maintain a constant temperature between 0 ° and 5 ° C during the deposition of the body. Certain refrigerated boxes can nevertheless be programmable to reach negative temperatures for medico-legal reasons.

So if you have 3 lounges, you will have to choose a morgue with a minimum of 3 bodies with or without requisition. Reference: “MORG318” for example:

Art. 5. - The technical part includes a preparation room which has a useful floor area of at least 12 square meters, equipped with a preparation table, a sink or a non-manual control tray and a device for disinfecting care instruments.

You can use our “UNIT001” washing unit and the forklift with a bung stretcher as a prep table. The “KIT001” hygiene kit is a complete package for the disinfection of care instruments.

The floor drains are fitted with removable and disinfectable baskets.

Our floor drains are perfectly suited to this use, "SIPH001" for tiled floors or "SIPH002" for flexible floors.

For tiled floors:

For flexible floors:

The ventilation device of the preparation room ensures an air renewal of at least four volumes per hour for the duration of the preparation of a body; it has a high inlet and a low outlet. Forced air heating systems are prohibited. The air discharged outside the building is first treated by an absorbent and deodorizing filter.

Our “GRIN400” or “GRIN800” air filtration cells are perfectly suited to the legislation.

The model will be chosen according to the surface and the ceiling height of your technical room.

For 600 m3 / h:

Find the complete legislation on :

… The boxes before and after bottling

Periodic checks: every 3 years and when the authorization is renewed.

Special cases:

  • In case of sale or acquisition
  • In case of redevelopment
  • On Prefectural request

Clarification from the Directorate General of Health: action to be taken for checking the overall thermal transmission coefficient of isothermal boxes

"A calculation of the approximate thermal transmission coefficient is usually carried out as a function of the age of the casing, using the formula of circular 2001/153 of 03/22/2001, ie by applying a coefficient of updating which increases the thermal transmission coefficient of the new casing by 10% every 3 years. The circular gave 3 examples at 3/6/9 years by rounding the coefficient to 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3. I am in favor of using this formula beyond these dates. The discount coefficient would therefore have a value of 1.1 Power (n / 3) in year n, i.e. 1.1 / 1.21 / 1.33 / 1.46 / 1.61 respectively after 3/6/9/12/15 years. For a box whose thermal coefficient in new would be 0.48 W / m² / ° K, the values calculated at 3/6/9/12 years would thus be 0.53 / 0.58 / 0.64 / 0.70.

The use of the formula makes it possible to define the year in which the insulation of the casing will theoretically no longer be compliant (> 0.7) and therefore the year in which it will have to be replaced or undergo an inspection at a test station to verify its compliance. . Of course, this assumes that the box remains in good condition. "

Our boxes before and after bottling comply with the French legislation in force.

You can consult our different single and double body models.

An explanatory article from Funeraire-info:

Find the complete legislation on :